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Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves. Philipians 2:3
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The Kingdom of Unrighteousness

Since the days of the righteous Abel unto this present day, the children of the King of Righteousness and the “princes who preside over them in righteousness” have lived in this world amid a contrary and negative environment such as this kingdom of unrighteousness. Over this dark kingdom reigns “the god of this world.”


The members of this dismal kingdom are the multitudes of humans who do not know God and consequently do not fear or serve Him. In this kingdom unrighteousness rules and its countless victims are the undeniable proof of this. Injustices committed in the governments of every nation regardless of their size or power. Injustices committed in the courts of law, at the hands of corrupt judges who supposedly are expected to impart justice but do the contrary. Injustices with the countless multitudes among the poor, at the hands of those who control the money or exercise authority over them in one way or another.

Moreover, injustice rules amid the multitudes in single individuals, in married couples, within families, in communities, throughout the countries and races of people. It would be impossible for us to enumerate much less specifically describe the countless forms of injustices that prevail in our mists and throughout the entire world. This is not merely some philosophical commentary, but the sadly despairing reality, which every reader of this article cannot deny. How much more if the reader is or has been a victim of this kingdom of unrighteousness in one form or another. It should not surprise us if the members of this dark kingdom carelessly commit injustices without a guilty conscience.

However, to see acts of injustice committed by the members of “Kingdom of Righteousness” without remorse is sad and painful. Notwithstanding, we must understand that it is precisely to these of whom the Holy Spirit refers to that have “their conscience seared with a hot iron.” Therefore the message of rebuke and admonition throughout the length of the Holy Book is directed to them. Furthermore, the words that I have written here based on that Holy Word is also directed to them.

For the message of the King of Righteousness  is not for them who do not know Him, for the simple reason that God does not talk to those He knows will not hear Him or much less obey Him. Therefore, the list of injustices and sins pointed out by the Holy Spirit in different parts of the Bible, and more particularly in the New Testament (like Rom. 1:18-32, Galatians 5:19-21, James 4:1-4, and all the others), are not directed at the unbelievers but to the members of the Kingdom of Righteousness.

They are the voice of God directed to those of us who profess to know and serve the King of Righteousness, the Lord Jesus Christ. So that understanding the will of God in His Word we can serve him with His guidance, following the example He gave us as a man who did righteousness amid a world of unrighteousness.